In Home Veterinarian V.S. Standard Veterinarian

in home veterinarian vs standard veterinarianAre you super busy with absolutely no time to wrestle your pet into their leash? All just to go to the Vet for a yearly checkup? Or is your furry friend sick, but you simply can’t get another day off work to take them? You may have another option.

Having an In Home or Visiting Veterinarian is an increasingly popular in today’s busy day in age, where convenience is key. But while it seems like a perfect mix, there are a few things to consider before inviting an on the go vet care for your beloved pet.

How Is An In Home Vet Different Than A Traditional Vet?

An in house or house call veterinarian differs from a traditional veterinarian in that the vet comes to your home to treat your pets instead of you and your pets traveling to see the vet.

There are two types of ‘traveling vets’ to choose from:
One is a veterinarian that is associated with, or works exclusively for a clinic or hospital, and that clinic provides in-home treatments such as routine checks, heart-worm treatments, flea and tick repellent, vaccinations and some also provide holistic and alternative treatments as well. In this case, you might have different vets come to treat your pets at home, since the in-home service is provided by the clinic or hospital instead of by a specific vet.

The other type is a sole mobile veterinarian who has a whole clinic set up in a specialized van. This type of vet is often times not a part of a local office, but often times recommended by your trusted veterinarian if conventional vet services are no longer cohesive with your lifestyle and the wellbeing of your pet. A traveling vet can often provide the majority of services delivered by visiting a traditional clinic or hospital including x-rays, etc. and normally has a clinic or hospital he or she works with when there are services required that are best administered in the hospital.

Why Choose House Call Vets Over Taking Your Pet To A Clinic Or Hospital?

Here are some common reasons to choose a house call veterinarian over taking your pets in:

  • You have multiple pets and the hassle of getting them to the vet is very difficult.
  • Your dog or cat gets very stressed and/or sick when riding in the car.
  • Your pet does not do well around other animals, either because of fright or aggression.
  • Your pet is just too ill or unable to move or travel easily.
  • Your schedule is too tight to get to your vet’s office.

Benefits to the caregiver of the pet:

  • You no longer drive and have no way to get your pet to the vet.
  • Convenience. Since the veterinarian comes to you, you don’t have to load your dog or cat into your car and drive, you don’t have to wait in an uncomfortable waiting room with other pets, you don’t have to keep an eye on your kids, your pets and the other pets in the room.

How much will this convenience cost me?

Depending on the veterinarian and the type of service needed, there may be an additional charge for house calls. However, this is not always true. Despite the very personalized service, house-call veterinarians are not necessarily more expensive than traditional vet.

In conclusion, having a house call vet provides a great deal of positives to easing the stress and hassle of a traditional clinic or hospital. The cost for this service might be a bit higher than a regular clinic or hospital, but the convenience may truly outweigh the costs. Make sure to verify that they can take care of any of your needs, and that they are a trustworthy service in your area.

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